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Why Parents Should Know Their Child’s Body Mass Index


The measurement of body mass is not exclusive to adult health and pre-employment screening services in Georgia. There is also a need to check the BMI of children from 2 years to young adults aged 20 as part of routine check-ups.

Why get their BMI?

The young ones can also be prone to various disorders an irregular body weight and height may cause. And if we don’t monitor their body mass measurements and do laboratory tests, we might not know whether the children are in good shape. They can be prone to malnutrition.

How to track your child’s body mass index:

During visits, your child’s doctor will plot his BMI on a growth chart. The chart will show if your children had a decline or increase in growth and weight. He may also request blood work as part of medical diagnostic services.

Categorization by age, height, and gender indicators:

  • Your child is underweight if:
    Their BMI is below the 5th percentile.
  • Your child is healthy if:
    BMI ranges from 5 to 85 percentile.
  • Your child is overweight if:
    BMI is from 85 to 95.
  • Your child is obese when:
    BMI is from 95 and above.

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