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The Importance of Laboratory Tests and Screenings


Doctors cannot determine people’s health conditions by only looking into their physical symptoms alone. They have to know what is going on inside the body to come up with a diagnosis. And to do that, they need to send the patient for clinical laboratory testing.

What are lab tests?

Laboratory tests are medical screenings that determine health changes and the effectiveness of treatment using blood, urine, or tissue samples from your body. There can be preparations and special instructions before you undergo testing, like fasting, avoiding certain activities, or taking some syrups. These measures can deliver accurate results when patients follow the correct preparation.

Doing a lab test is crucial to prevent or treat life-threatening or non-threatening illnesses.

Employers may also include these tests in pre-employment screening services in Georgia. There is a chance for confirmatory testing to know if the results are accurate.

If you require laboratory services in Albany, GA, our clinic can provide the diagnostic services. We can be your partner in health and wellness screenings for the whole family.

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