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How Important Is Getting a Booster Shot for COVID-19?


In a previous article, we at IK Medical Diagnostic Services talked about the essential facts on pediatric and booster shots for COVID-19. Today, we want to discuss the topic of boosters. As a clinical laboratory in Georgia, dispelling misconceptions about the value of vaccines in this critical time remains one of our top priorities.

Most of you may wonder why booster shots are needed. Surely, a medical procedure requiring two to three doses no longer demands more administration. However, our experience as a provider of medical diagnostic services has shown us its sound rationale.

Boosters are not exactly new. Standard vaccination procedures for common illnesses involve booster shots. According to Sandy Salverson, PharmD, vice president of Pharmacy Operations at OSF HealthCare, it follows the same logic as the vaccination process for “measles, whooping cough or meningitis. Or for a disease like tetanus, where booster shots are recommended every 10 years as the original immunity wanes.”

Essentially, booster shots ensure that the immunity conferred by previous doses remains in the body. They remind the immune system of the pathogens that cause a specific disease, maintaining the efficacy of the immune response.

Both the FDA and the CDC have approved the use of Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson booster shots for people aged 18 and above. The first, in particular, also received extended approval for providing boosters for children at the age of 12.

As your source of quality laboratory services in Albany, GA, we now offer both pediatric and booster shots. We hope to extend access to COVID-19 immunization to the community.

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