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Myths About Pediatric Dose Debunked


Questions about pediatric vaccinations that remain unanswered are turning into theories and misinformation. The myths circulating regarding COVID Vaccinations and Testing around Albany, GA are planting fear in individuals and interfering with the government’s plan of action to minimize or stop the spread of the virus. This blog aims to give readers some clarity on some of the common myths about pediatric doses.

  • Myth 1: Vaccines are experiments and are not safe for children.
    Trials at a clinical laboratory are necessary to ensure that vaccines are safe for the masses. According to the clinical trials performed on vaccines, they are safe and effective in children aged 12 and older. Further laboratory studies are performed to back these trials and improve the level of protection in children.
  • Myth 2: Children can’t get COVID-19 vaccines unless they’re complete with vaccinations.
    Children need all the protection they can get to prevent them from contracting diseases. In fact, parents and guardians are suggested to consider getting COVID vaccines for their child and other vaccines offered by a Medical Diagnostic Services provider on the same visit. The side effects of these vaccines remain the same when administered alone or together.
  • Myth 3: Vaccinated children no longer have to wear masks.
    As we continue to observe the progress of the pandemic, we go above and beyond to remind the masses to observe safety precautions. Children and adults in need of Laboratory Services in Albany, GA are still advised to wear masks, sanitize their hands, and monitor their health even after getting the vaccine and booster shots.

IK Medical Diagnostic Services strives to promote wellness by providing first-rate laboratory services. We utilize cutting-edge technology for Pre-employment Screening Services in Georgia and employ trained professionals to administer pediatric doses.

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