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FAQs: Who Needs Booster Shots?


Lingering questions about booster shots are piling up: whether or not a vaccinated person shoot get a booster shot, how efficient the COVID Vaccinations and Testing around Albany, GA will be in protecting individuals from the mutations and evolution of viruses, and many more questions that are formulating in the minds of the masses. The most common of all of them is what this blog will try to answer and elaborate on.

Who needs booster shots?

  • Children

    Children aged 5 to their early teens may not have the same level of protection as other people. Getting booster doses at a young age will help them stay healthy and safe from contracting a virus. Children and teens with weaker immune systems can also benefit from Laboratory Services in Albany, GA to understand how they can further strengthen their immune systems.

  • People with immunodeficiency

    The protection that the vaccine gives may wane over time in immunocompromised individuals. This is why getting extra doses at a Clinical Laboratory is highly recommended for these individuals. The same goes for individuals taking immunosuppressive medications. They need booster doses for their immune systems to respond to threats accordingly.

To determine whether or not you need an extra dose, you may visit your trusted Laboratory to help you make the right decisions on getting medical diagnostic services. As highly contagious variants of viruses are spreading, boosters may be beneficial even to the young and healthy.

IK Medical Diagnostic Services offers vaccination and testing services to help reduce the spread of diseases. Pre-employment Screening Services in Georgia are also available to help workers stay healthy and protected.

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