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How Random Drug Tests Benefit Companies


The misuse of drugs and alcohol has become more prevalent these days. This is why many businesses opt for random drug testing to deter drug and alcohol use in the workplace.

As much as we want to think only of the best about our employees and new applicants, Pre-employment Screening Services in Georgia are not the best way to determine if your new hires do not or will not use drugs and alcohol at work.

Experienced users will have their ways of “duping” their test results, and we wouldn’t want that!

If you are a growing company, then you may be starting to wonder if you need to work with a Clinical Laboratory for random drug tests and if this will benefit your company’s growth. So IK Medical Diagnostic Services is going to list down a few ways random drug testing helps your company:

  • It saves lives and prevents injuries
  • Since it’s random, it creates a fair and equal drug testing system for all your employees
  • It discourages employees from using and abusing drugs and alcohol in the first place
  • Reduce employer liability
  • Helps employers identify workers with substance abuse problems and collaborate with rehabilitation facilities and Laboratory Services in Albany, GA to establish proper treatment plans

Because of the element of surprise, random drug testing yields more accurate and reliable results compared to scheduled or routine drug testing. We hope we were able to clearly explain why working with a Laboratory for random drug testing secures your company in the long run.

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