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Best Practices for Random Drug Testing


We know the many benefits of random drug testing. But there are a few drawbacks. Specifically, its ineffectiveness if the best practices for random selection were done incorrectly.

IK Medical Diagnostic Services is here to talk about a few recommended best practices that employers should consider when implementing random drug and alcohol testing programs in their company:

  • True random selection

    Eliminate biases and prejudice by using random name generators to decide on which employees will be called in to take the test from Laboratory Services in Albany, GA.

  • Limit the time between notification and testing

    Make sure there is as little time as possible for the randomly selected employees before their actual testing schedule. We recommend allotting only enough time for the worker to travel from the office to the Laboratory.

  • Collaborate with Medical Diagnostic Services

    Employers and managers should make sure that they are sending their workers to the clinics during operating hours. Telling your employee to drop by 15 minutes before closing time can jeopardize the accuracy of the test.

  • Keep all the documents

    It’s important to maintain documentation throughout the entire testing process. This is to protect your organization in the event of an audit or litigation brought by your workers.

  • Yes, it’s possible to get litigations as some employees can be selected multiple times via random generators. This can make them question why they are being called in more often than others. Documentation will provide the details of your procedures and policies.

We hope these tips prove useful in your implementation of random drug testing. If you have questions, concerns, or looking to collaborate with Pre-employment Screening Services in Georgia, just give us a call at 833-592-1716 to set an appointment.

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