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Why the COVID-19 Vaccine Can Save Lives


Vaccination campaigns have been rolling out since late last year in the United States. However, there are still people who are apprehensive or have second thoughts about themselves being vaccinated against the virus. This is caused, partly, by misinformation that is abundantly available on the Internet about the vaccine.

There’s only one good reason why you should approach centers for COVID vaccinations and testing around Albany, GA, and get yourself inoculated. That reason: being vaccinated can help protect other people and save lives.

Laboratory tests by Pfizer, Moderna, and other vaccine producers around the world have shown that their vaccines are effective at inducing immunity against COVID-19. Although efficacy rates vary, there is evidence that the vaccine boosts the body’s ability to destroy the virus as soon as it enters the body.

The worse that can happen is that a vaccinated person gets infected but does not experience severe or life-threatening symptoms. In most cases, vaccinated people do not develop symptoms at all. The risk of a person vaccinated by laboratory services in Albany, GA contracting COVID-19 is low.

People who are not vaccinated, on the other hand, have a higher risk of contracting the virus and suffering severe symptoms. They also are highly likely to spread the infection to others. If they ignore public health and safety protocols, they are at risk of starting a fresh outbreak as well.

In summary, getting vaccinated lowers your risk of getting infected, and the risks faced by the people around you as well. It’s high time to set your appointment up with us at IK Medical Diagnostic Services for your first shot. We offer pre-employment screening services in Georgia as well!

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