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What’s New at IK Medical Diagnostic Services?


As a provider of reliable medical diagnostic services, we are always looking to meet the standards of our clients and assure them of convenient and high-quality services at all times.

As part of these efforts, we at IK Medical Diagnostic Service now offer vision exams and BMI checks for our clients. We have also added the options of insurance and out-of-the-pocket payments for our TB testing.

That said, outside of your need for pre-employment screening services in Georgia and other work requirements, having your vision examined, your body mass index (BMI) measured, and possible tuberculosis (TB) tested are all necessary to stay on top of your health.

Vision exams, for one, are important to detect the first signs of certain health conditions before they get worse. BMI checks, on the other hand, give you a good gauge of your risk for diseases associated with fat build-up.

On a public health spectrum, TB testing is crucial not only to make sure immediate treatment for individuals who test positive but also to protect people from contracting the bacteria that causes tuberculosis.

It is our hope that by making these laboratory tests more accessible to more people, we can promote healthier workplaces, raise awareness of the importance of preventative health measures, and encourage more people to get tested today.

Looking to get tested for any of these? Don’t look further, avail of our laboratory services in Albany,GA today. We also offer electrocardiogram (EKG) tests, COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, as well as DOT physicals, among others, for your convenience.

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