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Save Yourself from Tuberculosis: Get Tested Today


Tuberculosis is a disease caused by bacteria that usually attack the lungs. It also attacks other body parts such as the kidney, spine, and brain. While not everyone infected with the bacteria becomes sick, it pays to get tested by a laboratory. When not treated, the disease can be fatal.

Tuberculosis tests are part of the laboratory services in Albany, GA. If you have a bad cough that lasts three weeks or longer, pain in the chest, or coughing up blood or sputum, get tested immediately to ensure safety.

Especially if you are applying for a job and have these symptoms, take advantage of the TB tests as it is part of the pre-employment screening services in Georgia.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention enumerates the individuals who should get tested for TB because they are at higher risk.

  • People who have been in close contact with someone who has TB disease.
  • Individuals from most countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Russia where TB disease is common.
  • People living or working in high-risk settings such as correctional facilities, long-term care facilities or nursing homes, and homeless shelters.
  • Healthcare workers who care for patients at increased risk for TB disease.
  • Infants, children, and adolescents who are exposed to adults are at increased risk for latent tuberculosis infection or disease.

If you are one of these or are experiencing symptoms, IK Medical Diagnostic Services now offers Tuberculosis tests. We offer various medical diagnostic services like TB testing and COVID vaccinations and testing around Albany, GA so everyone can have better access. It pays to get tested, so we can take the steps to ensure your overall health. Connect with us now and get tested.

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